Yoido Full Gospel Church service

Yoido Full Gospel Church service

I want to post the following services Yoido Full Gospel Church which is famous for the largest church in the world

SOUTH KOREA not only famous for drama or K-pop, but also its attractions. South Korea also has the largest church in the world, namely the Yoido Full Gospel Church was built in 1973.

Since opening in 1973, the church was named the Full Gospel Central Church until 1990. Then the name was changed to Yoido Full Gospel Church 

The outside of the church is dominated by a dark brown color with a shape similar to the church in general. The church building is shaped like a circular stadium, so as to accommodate people in large numbers.

Yoido Full Gospel Church   has unique stats, which is almost 1 out of every 10 people living in Seoul is a member of the church. Currently the Yoido Full Gospel Church has nearly one million members. The building can accommodate approximately 26 thousand from 600 thousand people who usually attend Mass on Sundays.

Travelers also can follow Sunday Mass in the church to get the atmosphere Korea. But you have to be in church at least one hour before the Mass began to get prime seating. If not, you can just follow Sunday services on television are provided in one of the rooms of the church.

In addition to worship, you're on vacation in Korea can utilize Sundays at once to tour around the church. You might not want to miss seeing the largest church in the world

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