Latest Christian testimony about drug dealers

Latest Christian testimony about drug dealers who repent

God created man with a purpose in life that comes from God. This is no exception for people with a normal physical condition or conversely, poor or rich, and so forth. Even so, feelings of inferiority often a barrier to discover the purpose of God. Even considers his life is meaningless, feel useless, or the like.

The difficulty is this ever experienced by Edi Suranta. Born with a different body, Edi often receive taunts and insults from his playmates. Not to mention the economic conditions of the poor and indebted, he was forced to drop out of school.

In this downturn Edi decided to focus on making money that much. "I engga want to be poor, I want to be rich," he said at the time. According to him, this is the solution to escape from all limited circumstances at the time. As well as to honor others. Edi trying hard to change his life, apart from somehow, be it right or wrong.

Edi then choose to find employment through acquaintances. He tried to approach people who are more mature. This association were introduced on cigarettes, marijuana, and gambling. And after a few years, economic circumstances change. "I already feel like a boss. Everywhere I have a friend. "

The money won from gambling tables were always spent for spree Spree. Although the money runs out, Edi feel proud to be a waste of money. In addition to gambling, he as well as suppliers of marijuana. Big profits obtained attracted to carry out this illicit business. One time, he never removes a package the marijuana leaf and a big loss to be borne by him.

This experience does not go make Edi deterrent. He even tried to find a new fortune with the same field in Jakarta. He plans to be a drug dealer in the most populous city in Indonesia. "I am desperate Capital brangkat to Jakarta truck. I come from the village to Jakarta to be a drug dealer. "

Initially, Edi acting as couriers of heroin. When first shown heroin, he is tempted to try it. Although it has been banned by his colleagues, he still did not hear and still taste it. Slowly but surely, he is not only a courier, but also become addicted. In addition, the authorities have also started 'kiss' gestures Edi.

'As clever-clever squirrel jumps will undoubtedly fall well', this proverb that can describe the situation when arrested by the police. Having had time to fool the police, Edi eventually caught with drugs and convicted as a courier. As a result, Edi Suranta must live in correctional Institute.

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In addition to feel the cold iron bars, he also had to endure against the desire to consume heroin. As a result, the withdrawal is the greatest pain he felt over there. At that time, no one can help him. Both the big boss to the family, no one is watching.

Against the pain and sorrow that is unbearable, Edi repeatedly shout in the heart call God. "God help me! I've been so deeply tied to the drug and can not escape. I ask God to help me, "he said.

Surrendering is what eventually knock the heart door Edi to participate worship in prison. When he heard the praise, 'Love thy unparalleled', Edi was deeply moved. "It is true the lyrics of the song, that there is no love in the world, the love of man, who can accept me. But not so with God's love. Sehancur, sebobrok, any dirty as my life, God still accept me. "

"God is always good, I do not think that I could have changed my life God. I think this life is not useful, it does not mean. No one wants to accept and care for me. But I actually strengthened by God who would accept me. "
Latest Christian testimony, Christian testimony, spiritual witness of Christian, spiritual testimony, the testimony of the Christian faith, witness of faith
There he met the servant of God called Moses who served the prisoners. According to Musa, Edi is a figure who needs a father figure and that notice. Here, the role of Moses as a spiritual mentor Edi. "I see the proof. Edi there is a will, he engga be still in the same state. He who used to hang out with drug dealers, can now testify for the community or the surrounding areas. "

When the first Edi respected assume money can make a lot of people, now he knows it is not true. He is grateful to be given the opportunity to change. "If I remember back when the first, the most appropriate way out is God himself."

"The more I am close to the Lord, I realized that what I wanted and longed turns God has provided for me."

Edi who had felt life was destroyed, sin and addiction can be transformed by Jesus. As long as we believe and fully surrendered to God, then nothing is impossible. Our lives changed by Jesus Christ has forgiven our sins. Therefore, Jesus is the only way of salvation.
Latest Christian testimony, Christian testimony, spiritual witness of Christian, spiritual testimony, the testimony of the Christian faith, witness of faith

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